What material are your clothes made of?
We always guarantee that our pieces are made with best quality fabrics we can find. Check the details per design for more information about the product.

Where are they made?
All of our products are designed and made in the Philippines.

Do you allow mixing sizes for twinsets and separates?
Yes, please email us to order.

Do you customize?

Yes, we do quick custom for our RTW styles. Lead time is usually 2-3 weeks.

We can only customize color/ size/ lengthPlease note that we DO NOT accept changing the cut/ redesign of any of our Ready-To-Wear pieces even if it's a minimal change. If you have a specific design in mind, you may set a CUSTOM DESIGN CONSULTATION with us.

Is there an additional fee for custom size/ color/ length?

Yes, because it's a special request there will be a minimal fee depending on the customization. You may send us an email ( or DM via instagram (@suzyclothing) so we can accommodate your custom request.



How do I know which size fits me?
Please refer to the 'SIZING GUIDE' tab under the 'HOW TO ORDER' drop down menu. Some designs are made oversized or tight fitting, we highly suggest to read all details of the product before ordering. You may also consult your size and measurements with us thru email: 

I wish to purchase a piece that's labeled sold out, will you restock?
Some of our products, if not ON-HAND are still available for PRE-ORDER. Which means you will need to order it first to have it made for you (Pre-order lead time: 7-14 production days). 

If item is completely sold out (on-hand/ pre-order option) We might restock again after a few weeks. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes we do! We ship via FEDEX. 

What does pre-order mean?

Pre-order means that the item is not on-hand. We require a full payment before we start processing the pre-order. It will usually take 7-14 processing days before shipping. 

Can I directly email/ message you my order instead?
Yes, just send in your complete details to
Full name:
Contact no. and Email:
Complete address:
Order/s: (name, size, color & quantity)
Date of payment:

How long is your reservation period?
Only up to 24 hrs, If you fail to pay within the reservation period, you need to make another order or directly email us for an extension.

Can I still add/ remove some items from my order?
Of course, as long as you have not yet settled your payment. Just drop us an email at

I already settled my payment, what's next?
Please send us a clear copy or photo of your deposit slip to with subject: PAYMENT - FULL NAME. Please allow us 24 hours to verify your payment.


Do you allow returns & exchanges?
Yes, please refer to our 'RETURN + EXCHANGE' page for more details. 

I'm a stylist and I want to pull out some of your products, is it possible?
Yup! You may send a formal letter for pullout to, thanks!

We'd like to send an invitation to carry your brand/ to join a bazaar event. How do we reach you?
You may send in your proposal letter to, thanks!

 Should you have any more questions or concerns that are not stated here, please feel free to drop us a message at or through the CONTACT tab.